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If your are trying to get a motor started, any motor, in any car, remember: fuel, compression, spark.  These are the very basics, but they are the starting point.  First of all ensure that you have each of these things, then if the motor still does not want to run, grab a coffee and put […]
Are you on a low carb diet? I am not going to go into too much detail regarding carburetors.  In fact, currently the trend is turning more towards fuel injection which is arguably a more reliable system, but requires a lot more electronics and computer control.  However, one thing that is certain is that no […]
Engine ignition systems are a pet project of mine.  I will admit that I am somewhat obsessive about neatness and order in all things…especially ignition wiring.  Now I am talking here purely about the esthetics of ignition wiring.  I have a firm belief that part of the beauty of a hot rod motor is finding […]
Beware the “rebuilt” engine. Please consider the following.  When an engine is being assembled at a factory, all the parts are brand new.  That is, they have never been exposed to oil or dirt or what is significantly more important … heat.  Consider how many cycles of heating and cooling an engine will experience over […]
Okay, so I mentioned in a previous post that we can think of your engine as an air pump.  Really?  Okay, not so much, but why is this concept important?  Because it will help to understand how some speed components ‘increase horsepower’, and it will also help us to understand why some of these horsepower increases […]
As a blind man once said: Get your motor runnin  This chapter may seem short and oddly in lack of fine details, but I must explain that I am trying only to lead you towards happy motoring.  Each man will inevitably make his own decisions about the poweplant in his hot rod.  And, he will […]