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Down to bare metal!  What a load of crap.  That term has been used since they stopped making cars out of wood.  And even then they used to say, “you have to strip it down to bare wood”.  There are many reasons why stripping a car down to bare metal is a good idea:   […]
Okay, so you are dead set on ignoring my advice and intend to immediately disassemble your hot rod, here are some tips that will help you remember where all of those parts fit years down the road. Take pictures.  I hardly believe in this tip myself, but nearly all restoration resources recommend it.  I have […]
OKAY, SO I’VE GOT THE CAR, WHERE DO I START? Well at the beginning I suppose.  The following few paragraphs, and then pages, may be the most important in the whole blog.  The topics that I cover may seem theoretical, or abstract, but I beg of you, give them a chance.  I will explain as best […]