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Finishing Putty.  There are several types of finishing, spot, or glazing putties.  There are two part finishing putties which oftentimes use the same hardener as lightweight and fiberglass filler and there are single stage putties often called glazing putty.  Glazing putty is not used as much as two part putty these days.  The main purpose […]
This is the most commonly used filler. Regular or lightweight filler is a lot softer and more pliable than fiberglass. In terms of composition it is a similar type of resin, but contains talc instead of fiberglass.  It is also a lot stickier.  The benefit of regular filler over fiberglass is that it is a […]
If  you have not read Fillers, it’s not evil after all,  please take a look.  It explains all the tools necessary to get you ready to apply filler. Fiberglass.  No not the kind that Corvettes are made from.  Sometimes called kitty hair.  At some auto body suppliers, you might actually find loose fiberglass fibers which can […]
Filler up,  Hold on there guys, I know a lot of you just twitched a little bit.  Your neighbor said that real hot rods have all metal bodies and no filler.  I’ve also heard people say that high end restoration shops don’t use bondo.  Not true.  Do you know what primer is?  Sprayable filler.  I […]